Tattoos in the Workplace

It’s interesting that we are still having this debate about tattoo’s in the workplace as they are prolific in so many areas. Yet people’s belief systems are still challenged by it.

This is why I’ve really embraced talking about tattoos, and how they they talk to the public about that individual in front of them (the tattoo wearer)…. telling them who they are, their likes/dislikes and their journey through life.

Having an understanding of what a tattoo is, is like having an understanding of why people choose a particular type of clothing, or choose certain people to be in their lives. It’s a form of self expression – an opportunity to create a physical diary or a Skin Diary™. For some it’s something that other people can read; an open diary. For others it’s very personal and something they keep to themselves.

Understanding the tattoo and why it exists helps other people to understand the person in front of them and maybe blow out any preconceived ideas of the person with the tattoo and their belief systems.

Through deeper understanding you gain an awareness and open a door that you may never have thought to open. Allowing a belief system about something to block a communication with the person in front of you can close doors, and reduce your market financially as well. It may also even isolate you depending on the environment you live in.

So when you see someone with a tattoo maybe you should thinking – ‘Wow, what an interesting diary’ – and asking ‘I wonder what is hidden beneath the words or pictures?’


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